Giant Box Full of Memories

I have a huge box full of photos. Really huge, I mean... My father was very much interested in photography; but not in a proffessional or artful way. He used to take my photos most of the time. Therefore I have a very large visual documentary showing my life stage by stage. Anyone can trace my growth beginning from the day I was born. And of course, I have lots of photos showing my mum alone, my mom and me together; my mom stands I sit; I sit- my mom looks at me; dad and mum together ( it was my art of course- I was the only child of my parents); my dad and me; and many combinations you can imagine. He used to carry his heavy Leica camera almost everywhere we go. None of the those photos show a landscape; "why would I bother with that?" he used to say. Our friends and relatives visiting us at home also were photographed in many different combinations of poses. Not only he printed those number of photos for our own albums, he also delivered them to the people who posed. When my son was born, I ceded to be the one and only model of my dear father. Then, we began to collect his photos ! 

Unfortunately , I can trace my son's growth only till he was ten. At that time, digital cameras came into our lives. We quit printing photographs..Later, we began to take photos with our mobile telephones and keep them in the memory cards. And I lost many photos just because I disregarded backup. Except those printed on occasion, I don't have any photographs of my son. I would have enjoyed to see how he changed while he was growing up and becoming a young man. I still keep that Leica camera with the accessories; but I do not know anyone who uses that kind of camera nowadays. It belonged to my father; and still do.

Having the ceremony of remembering those nice childhood days,  I chose the colors; I prepared the layout and picked up the embellishments.

 I got the coloured printouts at the stationery shop. 
Small flowers were covered by gesso; dried and painted again. I didn't want to waste my time trying to find "brown" flowers, if there is any !

 I made the paper flowers myself. I mod podged two different papers to each other; so that I could use it  two-sided. I get nervous when blank paper can be seen under a rounded or curved figure. 
We don't have two sided scrapbooking papers here, sincescrapbooking and mixed media techniques are not very well known yet. I am learning everything from the internet. And I am really grateful to those people who are sharing their experiences and talents generously. I dream about spreading the joy of scrapbooking to the people who are not familiar with it. When you have limited resources, you begin to alternate the things you already have. That's what I do and I like it. That is the idea, I know... But, if I could have the chance to buy any colour of distress ink , for example, from the local stores; I wouldn't say no! 

 When everything is ready and laid out; I randomly picked up a photo from that huge box. And I got this! 42 years ago , my daddy took this picture of me posed in a garden full of hydrengeas. It is weird to look at "me" after 42 years and to know that I am "that" little girl. 

Thank you for stopping by and letting me share some sweet memories.