FLY ME TO THE MOON!- Challenge

The second Project  I dare to join the challenge by TRY IT ON TUESDAY is below. I worked on this five months ago; and I think it fits the current challenge theme.

When you read the title, can you hear the melody?  So, we sometimes  hear the music with our brain, not only with our ears. When I look at this young talented couple's photo, I certainly heard  Sinatra and I chose the slogan for the layout.

A few close ups:

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While I was searching for new challenge sources on the web, I have met another nice site called " TRY IT ON TUESDAY".  So why not join into their challenge for the current theme, "I can hear the music."

I worked on the layout before . I made it for my friend's daughter who is growing up as a successfull sportive dancer. When I see the couple's photo, I felt the rythm . They look soooo concentrated and motivated that they could make me hear the music.

 In fact , I worked on two different layouts for the same photo. Since it is ok to join the challenge up to five projects but each in one post, I am saving the other layout for the following post.

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As a  very enthusiastic beginner, I dared to create a layout for the beautiful blog MORETHANWORDSCHALLENGE. This month's theme is :

I cut out the clouds and the waves from an ancient miniature ( from pinterest). They remind me the time which has no ending or beginning. But I think it is important to grasp  "that" moment of endless time and "that" moment is the one you spend with your beloved ones. They might be your baby, your friend, your cat, a nice book, a glass of wine, flowers etc. It is the piece of time when you realize you are alive; so enjoy !

And some details...

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I have three cats. The newcomer is a boy who is four or five months old now. My two ( older) daughters are not very happy with the new one. Like every one of us, they are bothered with the changing conditions of their ordinary life. He doesn't care though; he announced his kingdom as soon as he came home.

 I had no idea about having a cat at home four years ago, and  now we are living with three cats ( a cat per family member) . This is enough for me to think that life is sooooo unpredictable. What is also unpredictable for me is that how I get excited and feel happy while playing with papers, paints, mediums, Because,  I didn't have any idea about crafting neither. I was always working and  now I realize that I never had enough time to see the different tastes of life. Lucky me ; I messed my hands up with glue and cat poo before it's too late.

I made this collage using decoupage. I prepared rectangle bases from polymer clay and I glued the pictures on them. I used burnt umber on the edges for aged look. Pasted on canvas; and it is like this: