I have three cats. The newcomer is a boy who is four or five months old now. My two ( older) daughters are not very happy with the new one. Like every one of us, they are bothered with the changing conditions of their ordinary life. He doesn't care though; he announced his kingdom as soon as he came home.

 I had no idea about having a cat at home four years ago, and  now we are living with three cats ( a cat per family member) . This is enough for me to think that life is sooooo unpredictable. What is also unpredictable for me is that how I get excited and feel happy while playing with papers, paints, mediums, Because,  I didn't have any idea about crafting neither. I was always working and  now I realize that I never had enough time to see the different tastes of life. Lucky me ; I messed my hands up with glue and cat poo before it's too late.

I made this collage using decoupage. I prepared rectangle bases from polymer clay and I glued the pictures on them. I used burnt umber on the edges for aged look. Pasted on canvas; and it is like this: