Getting Prepared for the New Year

Every December, when we get closer to a new beginning, I write my wishes and keep the note in a drawer. Besides wishes about my family’s peace and joy;  I want health; just to keep my head sane, my hands grab things and my feet stand on the ground. I wish for keeping the joy of living.

 Last year, one month later I sent them to the universe, I learnt that I had breast cancer. It was at the beginning with a one cm. tumor on my left breast. I had total mastechtomy which means that they cut my total breast . In every step of the cure, I thought that worse things could have happened. It could have been noticed on a higher stage; I could have it in my inner body which couldn’t be cut out and got rid of. I believed that I didn’t have the right to complain or deplore about my disease and its results.  I didn’t think I lost one of my organs; I thought it was a useless part of my body. I could have lived without  one of my breast. Still I could have seen the colors. I could have paint boxes, trays and jars; gather the things on a canvas and felt the joy of creating simple things that eyes like to see. And I did. I never looked at the mirror when I lost my hair during the chemotherapy. I was washing my face and brushing my teeth looking at the sink. I was wearing my head band with the rule of thumb. This is a general disease of our time and I see lots and lots of people suffering from this. So crying for yourself has no use. 

This December, again I am going to write a list of wishes with a gratitude to God that I am still alive, safe and sound together with my family.

 Every new year, I get excited like a child. I really get a ball out of the embellishments, lights , ornaments, snowmen, pine trees, greens and reds…

 This time, I made an abundance wreath by gathering lots different things. I used beads; pieces of fabric and felt; real walnuts and cinnamon sticks and artificial apples, berries and tangerines.

 It was fun to glue them down one by one and see how  they come together like a painting.

I wish enough food, good housing with peace and joy for everyone in the World.